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Augmented Reality is already being used by the younger generation. Reach your audience in a new and exciting way by using Snapchat Lenses.

Right now there are countless possibilities in creating magical augmented reality experiences. Your imagination is the limit and this is what the current mobile generation likes to interact with. It's also the reason why we love this so much and have devoted ourselves to creating these experiences. 

There are unlimited possibilities of creating lenses using creative design in combination with the features that Snapchat provides. The way we decide what concept to create is during a creative session. During the session we will create as many cool concept as we can while also looking at what's possible to realistically create with our current skillset. Creating a lens will most of the time require deep knowledge of 2D and 3D creation with a splash of scripting and that's why we have to set boundaries.

At the moment we focus only on Snapchat based lenses. Snapchat's engine is far ahead of Instagram's and we love the community behind the lenses on the platform.


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