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Geo-based filters on Snapchat can lead to high engagement while using the location of the user to ensure maximum relevancy.

Let's say you organise an event and you want to create a branded experience that your visitors will interact with while using social media. A geo-based screen overlay is something that can add an extra layer to your marketing.

While using Snapchat you can swipe to left or right after making a picture and your branded message will appear here. It's highly sharable, contextual content and we love that.

Our job is to create the best possible illustration that goes well with your brand and strategy. In collaboration with an illustrator and a creative specialist we will discuss the concept filter.

After realization of the artwork we will take care of the geo-fencing and setup a marketing campaign in Snapchat's Business platform. When the campaign is executed, we will deliver a report that contains all of the valuable analytics.


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