A brief introduction

Hi world! 👋🏼 The first story that you will find on here is a little throwback about how i got started in the magical world of AR experiences and why i chose to follow this interesting new path.

In the beginning of 2019 i was looking for new ways to market to my generation. Snapchat was always around on my phone as one of the few apps for personal contact with close friends. The focus of Snapchat is mainly sending short photos or videos to friends and is different than the other social platforms by retaining the personal aspect of ‘social media’. 


During daily usage it became apparent that lenses were a big part of customizing the content on the platform so i went looking for information about how Snapchat was creating these experiences. After snooping around on the Snapchat website it became clear that most of the lenses were created by a community of people using Snap’s Lens Studio. Creating lenses with this application  was very accessible and after downloading, it took only a short week to launch our first try-out campaign at a gaming event in our local town.


After lots of positive feedback on the try-out campaign, I kept creating new lenses and within 3 months i got invited by Snapchat into the Official Lens Creator program. The most popular lenses that got the attention from the team behind the program and the community were my Valentine lens which got 2 million impressions during the valentine period and a lens called Birdbox, named after the Netflix movie, with around 500.000 impressions. 🤘🏼


It’s crazy to me that creating content with this way of marketing is open to everyone yet there are so few businesses jumping on this train. Even most of prime-time tv shows in The Netherlands don’t reach 2 million impression but my lens, created in 1 day, did.


A period of a few months followed where i dedicated myself to creating new concepts and ideas. From lens concept creation to executing marketing campaigns for small brands. For example, we made a 3D render of the solar car from Eindhoven University's Solar Team. The car was presented in the centre of Eindhoven and the attending people could scan the Snapcode (a way to unlock a AR lens in Snapchat) to bring the car home in augmented reality.

Some of the try-out concepts did not make it to production and some campaigns did not end up with the expected results, but there were a lot of learning points and overall the results were great anyways. This was a new way of marketing after all!

Achieving such results with my creative work, the idea to turn this way of marketing into business started growing quickly... and here we are! I'm very excited to work with creative people to create new media in this very exciting digital world. 🌍


Thanks for reading.

Danny Marree

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