Gecko. Because we loved the animal.

A group of lizards found in warm climates throughout the world. They are unique in their vocalizations by using chirping and clicking sounds. Almost all geckos cannot blink and have a fixed lens within each iris to see in the dark.

We’re kidding… This not Wikipedia.

Gecko is a digital agency that loves mixing reality with technology. Just as the small lizard, we love to adapt to different surroundings. Our main focus is making captivating and interactive media experiences in Snapchat and Instagram. This work includes media creation, branding, strategy & advertising, but especially social augmented reality.

Meet the Gecko's

Danny Marree

Operations. Design. Creative. Marketeer.


Melchior Schoute

3D artist. Animator. Creative. Production.


Martijn van Leen

Coach. Developer. Strategist. Analyst.


Marina Helmink

Developer. ​Design. 2D specialist. Illustrator.